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Client Testimonials

"Janet McNamara is the consummate real estate professional. The level of service that she provides her customers is second to none. Janet’s accessibility, kindness, knowledge, and plain old fashioned hard work helped us get the retirement home of our dreams. We could not be more happy and satisfied.  I sincerely hope you are lucky enough to have her work with you and make your dreams come true as ours have."

-John and Gina 10/2019

"Our experience with Janet was excellent. She was always available for us when we needed her to be. That was a real plus as we were moving from a town nearly 4 hrs. away. She is very familiar with the Holland area and showed us several condo's within a large radius. She is not only a professional  but a friendly and fun person to work with. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell."

-Mark and Mary 9/2019

"It was a pleasure working with Janet. She was very responsive and is a process expert who is very efficient and always available. We were able to view the home within 15 minutes notice and then completed the purchase and closing within two weeks. The experience was outstanding and we love our new home."

-Linda and Chuck 8/2019

"I gave Janet large list of homes to set up in short time, two weeks in a row. She was able to make all of them happen. Each time she came prepared with property information, detailed schedule, and did all of this with smile on her face. During showings, I discovered other homes of interest,  and she made them happen as well. She was honest with all questions asked and went above and beyond to help me find my new home. She will get my future business and highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell."

-Jeremy 12/2018

What an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! After the first call with Janet and her quick response I knew we had the right person. What impressed me was the attention to detail and her willingness to point out issues with each property. In the end we have a BRAND NEW home for an amazing price. Janet will definitely get all of my future business along with high recommendations to others.

-Mike 12/2018

"Janet was a great person to work with. She prepared me at each step of the process and made the entire buying and selling experience seamless. She helped me find a home as well as listed and sold my condo."

-Marie 11/2018